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Switching to Online International Schools

When families are relocated outside of the U.S. – because of the military, a corporate job, or even a government job – many of them still want their family members to earn a U.S. diploma. That’s why so many people are turning to online international schools.

It’s a great alternative to the traditional model that allows students to get a safe, high-quality American education. This will also help prepare them for college and for life.

Students Learning in English

When living abroad, the language barrier can become an obstacle for some students. Not knowing the language well enough can get in the way of their learning ability and can create extra hurdles for them.

At online international schools, students don’t have to worry about this! They can get an American-styled education in their native English language – and with curriculum they are familiar with. The Bridge School follows the American education model found in schools across the United States.

The Bridge School Difference

Virtual education offers students the flexibility they need to excel. At The Bridge School, we take it a step further; our K-12 students’ educations are personalized to their individual needs so they can truly succeed.

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