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As schools around the country kick off the school year, parents are finding themselves with a lot to think about. With so much uncertainty, they are left questioning the decisions their kids’ schools are making and the plans and protocols that are in place.

Some schools have tried switching to distance learning as a temporary measure; other schools have just started to reopen their doors for in-person learning. And while it varies by school, parents across the board don’t know what to expect or what school is going to look like throughout the year.

Advantages of a 100% Online Education

Understanding the frustrations of parents around the world, Julie Taylor, head of The Bridge School, went on some interviews to offer advice for remote-learning families. Taylor went on CBS46 to reassure parents that there are advantages to sticking with a virtual education. As head of The Bridge School, Taylor knows first-hand how important it is to give students continuity in their education – something that students at The Bridge School get. As Taylor shares, sticking to a digital curriculum throughout the year means families aren’t left guessing what school will look like a month –or even a week—from now.

To learn more about the advantages of online education, watch Julie Taylor’s interview on CBS46 here

Removing Obstacles with Experienced Online Schools

In addition to giving students consistency and stability, distance learning removes a lot of the obstacles that parents are forced to navigate this school year – like worrying about their kids’ health and safety. For the parents who question the safety protocols at their kids’ current schools but are not happy with the quality of distance learning being offered, there is another option: switching to a school that’s been in online education for years. As Taylor discusses with KSAT, many parents are not satisfied with the online option at their kids’ schools because it’s not an accurate representation of what online learning is—instead, it’s emergency learning. Schools that have been 100% online from the very beginning—like The Bridge School—are experienced in online education and are offering students curriculum that was designed to be learned online.

To find out how to remove distance learning obstacles, watch Julie Taylor’s interview on KSAT here

Engaging Students Enrolled in Distance Learning

A common question that arises when parents think about online education is how they can keep their kids engaged throughout the school week. Because online learning happens in front of a computer, parents worry about keeping their kids engaged. To address these concerns, Taylor went on WKOW to offer tips and tricks that will lead to a productive school day at home.

To discover helpful tips that can keep students engaged, watch Taylor’s interview on WKOW here

About The Bridge School

The Bridge School is a year-round, accredited and NCAA-approved private school that offers K–12th grade students a 100% online American education – no matter where they live.

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